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Anchoring Safely - A dragging anchor on a lee shore is every sailor's nightmare. Michael Seamus Kildea explains how to anchor securely.

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Boat Ramps:
There are 7 designated boat ramps on the island - none are on the East Coast although it is possible to launch a boat into the estuary at Whangapoua at high tide. 
There are wharves at Tryphena, Okupu, Whangaparapara and Port FitzRoy and Tryphena  Hall, Schooner Bay, Blind Bay (head of bay).


DOGS: If you bring your dog to the island don't forget to carry proof of registration and always check first with your accommodation provider. Dogs are prohibited on all DOC public conservation land and boaties should note that there are no beaches in the Port FitzRoy Harbour to exercise dogs. Click here for Dog Exercise Areas.

After the big storm in June 2014 there are changes to the bottom of the harbours around the island.  Please be aware of this and take care when anchoring.

The following information is a guide only and feedback is welcomed.

Hours and availability of services and facilities on the island will vary winter, spring, summer and autumn.  In alphabetical order;


Arid Island NW Cove

Arid Island - see Rakitu

Bowling Alley Bay - Shelter in winds from SE to NW with average holding.

Bradshaw Cove on Kaikoura Island - Average holding on sand bottom sheltered in SW and S winds. Overlook Cove east of Bradshaws is sheltered in winds E to SW.

Ghost Bay - see Wairahi

Harataonga Bay - Good shelter in S, SW and W winds. Best under the cliffs
at the NHarataongaW corner of the bay. Nearly always a swell from the SE.

Kaiaraara Bay - Sheltered in SE, E and NE winds and good holding on mud bottom. Access to Mt Hobson walk from Bush's Beach at the head of the bay.

Katherine Bay - Sheltered from S to NE winds. In NE winds anchor on the northern side. In southerly winds anchorage at Nimaru or Onewhero Bays.

Kiwiriki (Two Island Bay) - Sheltered in all winds except N and NW winds and good holding on thick mud bottom.

Medlands Bay - Southeastern corner for shelter in S and SW winds and firm sandy bottom for good anchorage holding. Nearly always a swell from the SE.

Mulberry Grove (Tryphena) - Good in winds from N, NE, E and SE winds. Good holding on sandy bottom. Shop (4290909)

Nagle Cove - Average holding on sand/mud bottom in winds from NW through to S. Nearly always a swell from the SE.Forestry Bay (Akapoua) and Port FitzRoy Harbour

Oneura Bay - See Redcliffs

Overlook Cove - see Bradshaw Cove

Pah Beach (Tryphena) - Good in all winds from the north and good holding on hard sand bottom. Stonewall Store (4290451), Bottle Store, Bakery, Craft Shop.

Port FitzRoy - Good holding in all winds except S and SW. Wharf with fuel (4290 147) and water. Shop (4290 056), Hire cars, Information Centre (09 4290 848).

Puriri Bay (Tryphena) - Good in N and NW winds. Average holding on sandy mud bottom.

Rakitu Island - The Cove on the NW side of the island should be avoided in N, NW and W winds. Otherwise very good and misses the SE swell

Rangiwhakaea Bay (Wreck Bay) - Good shelter in S, SW and W winds.

Redcliffs (Oneura Bay) - South of Man of War Passage. Good anchorage in all but N and NW winds on a mud bottom.Tryphena Harbour - main wharf

Rosalie Bay (Tryphena) - Good in W or NW winds but uncomfortable swell.

Sandy Bay (Tryphena) - Good in N and NE winds.

Smokehouse Bay - Best in W or SW winds. Smokehouse, woodfired hot baths and washing tubs.

Two Island Bay - see Kiwiriki

Tryphena Harbour (Shoal Bay) - Main wharf for Fullers & EcoIslander  There are lots of moorings in Shoal Bay.  Mulberry Grove offers anchorage in winds from the N, NE, E and SE.  Good holding on sandy bottom.  Pah Beach has good anchorage on all winds from the N.  Good holding on hard sandy bottom. 

Wairahi Bay (Ghost Bay) - Southernmost bay of Port FitzRoy and good in winds from all directions. Good holding on thick mud bottom. Tidal.

Whangaparapara - Port side of the bay the holding is poor and only fair anchorage in all winds except N, NE and E. Whaling Station has good holding on mud bottom. 3 moorings available thru Great Barrier Lodge. Wharf with fuel (4290 488) and water. Shop (4290 488), Licensed bar, Bottle shop, Restaurant, Showers available.

Whangapoua Beach - Northern end of the beach for shelter in W or NW winds. Site of the Wairarapa Graves. Nearly always a swell from the SE.

Wreck Bay - see Rangiwhakaea


Harbour Masters

Whangaparapara: 09 4290 459

Port FitzRoy: 021 139 2253

Tryphena: Auckland Harbour Master on 09 362 0397

Engineering Contacts

AJ Laven - 4290 163

BK Engineering - 4290 393

N Somerville - 4290 606

Health Contacts

Dentist - Barrier Dental - 4290 916

Medical Services, Claris - 4290 356

Medical Services, Port FitzRoy - 4290 047

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