Kaikoura Island – Articles

2007 Presentation by Jo Ritchie: Proposed Rat Eradication for Kaikoura Island and other outlying islands

2007 Oyster-Picking Industry around Kaikoura Island and FitzRoy Harbour by Don Armitage

2007 The Vascular Flora of Motu Kaikoura (6Mb pdf)
Cameron, E. K. 2007 : The Vascular Flora of Motu Kaikoura, FitzRoy Harbour, Great Barrier Island. Auckland Botanical Society Journal 62 (1) : 78-95

2007 Kaikoura Island Restoration Plans Moving Ahead by Jo Ritchie

2003 Benefits to Great Barrier if Kaikoura a Wildlife Refuge by Tony Bouzaid

Otago Witness, Issue 2025, 15 December 1892
Particulars in the Auckland papers of the fatality at the Great Barrier show that on the 4th Mr Allan Taylor, proprietor of one of the islands at the Great Barrier, known as Kaikoura Island, together with his brother, Mr C. H. Taylor, of the Thames, and a man named Harvey, went out in a whaleboat for a cruise around the island. When they were about 400 yards from shore a heavy gust of wind capsized the boat, which, being ballasted with a quantity of iron, immediately sank. Charles Taylor called out to the other two to make for the shore, taking the load himself ; but when he got ashore and looked around for his companions there were no signs of them, they evidently not having been able to swim the distance. Allan Taylor leaves a widow and two children, the younger having been born only the day before the accident occurred. Harvey resided near Auckland, and leaves a widow and six children.