Kaikoura Island – History

Emanuel Silva, owner/resident of Kaikoura Island, drowns
13th December 1883″. Source – Auckland
Weekly News,
22nd December 1883.

The History of MAORI SETTLEMENT on Kaikoura Island
There has been little written specifically about the Maori settlement of Kaikoura Island, although it appears to have been a politically important location in relation to the wider history of Aotea.

The History of EUROPEAN SETTLEMENT on Kaikoura Island
The first European purchase of land on Aotea was conducted on 20 March 1838. William Webster, Jeremiah Nagle and William Abercrombie claim to have purchased the whole of Great Barrier Island which they incorrectly estimated to be 20,000 acres.

SAVE OUR ISLANDS – The History of the 1995 Campaign to Buy Kaikoura Island
As the Save Our Islands Trust officially launched its bid on Saturday 8th July 1995 to reclaim probably the largest gulf island in foreign ownership, a double rainbow bridged the waters separating Kaikoura Island and Great Barrier Island.

DEPUTATION from NZ Forest Restoration Trust address a Meeting of the Parks and Heritage Committee of the Auckland Regional Council. – September 2003

History of the MOTU KAIKOURA SCENIC RESERVE – 7th May 2005 (including the campaign to purchase the island). Over 300 people joined locals to celebrate the purchase and opening of Kaikoura Island as a Scenic Reserve.  Five years after the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park Act was passed, the Government had finally contributed almost $8 million of the $10.5 million price of Kaikoura Island.

Construction of the Airfield preparation of the Wharf Area and Improvement of the Road
(April to October, 1997)