Garden Tours
Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, the Garden Tour will be postponed until 2021.

Each tour is crafted so you will experience a range of gardens, facets of lifestyle on remote Great Barrier Island, and realise how the gardeners interact with nature and the maritime climate.

The Tours are graded into different levels of fitness and capability to ensure your overall enjoyment. We welcome back those of you who have participated in previous tours and know you will be delighted with a new tour choice. Paul has a database of which tours you have been on in the past.

In 2021 the tour options will be:
Saturday, 27th of November.

Totara Tour $100pp

For the adventurous and fit only, requires the ability to clamber into and out of boats, or up and down steep stairs. Not a garden tour in the traditional sense but includes residences and bush in the western and southern end of the island. Strong walking shoes are advised (tramping boots not necessary).

Kauri Tour $100pp

Northern Great Barrier Island. Reserved as a special treat for returning Garden Tour participants. Again for the adventurous and fit only.

Nikau Tour $80pp

Good basic fitness, requires walking some distances but on relatively flat terrain. Six wonderful gardens ranging from those with extensive vistas to tranquil quiet spaces. Geographically involves central and southern Great Barrier Island.

Rewa Tour $80pp

Moderate fitness level, requires the ability to walk up hills/multiple stairs with ease. The gardens are similar in variety and geographical situation to the Nikau Tour.

Woman and Baby Sculpture Image of Gate Image of Kingfisher Sculpture


You are invited to bring your own lunch. Refreshments will be available.

But for those of you who wish to – you can order one of our famous 'Paper Bag Lunches' for $10. It consists of a salad sandwich, a large delicious home baked slice, and a piece of fruit. Your pre-ordered paid lunch can be collected when you register on the morning of the Tours.

We also accommodate those with food allergies. Please advise Paul when making your booking.

Locally made products

Great Barrier Island is renowned for its small cottage artisans. At some of the gardens there will be items for sale. Should you wish to purchase, we recommend that you bring cash.

Photo of Felted Soaps Music Art

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