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Great Barrier Island, 90km north east of Auckland in NewZealand,

 is a world away from the hustle and bustle of a city. A unique

 holiday destination, 'off the grid', with a small population of

 permanent residents, around 1,000.  Throughout the years stories

 have been written of the history of the island, the people and the

 way of life including events both natural and those caused by

 people.  Read about these in the many articles on this website.


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Kaikoura Island, located off the western coast of Great Barrier Island forms the natural harbours of Port FitzRoy and Port Abercrombie.


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Exploring Great Barrier Island
April 2019

Lisa Jansen escapes far from the madding crowd in her Ford Transit campervan to Great Barrier Island, where relaxation has never been easier.

Great Barrier Island -Circumnavigation NZ Kayak Magazine 2007. Kayaking around Great Barrier the week before Christmas – what better way to avoid the rush.

The Listener May 2017
'We have to live a little apart '

On Great Barrier Island the nurses are the 'keepers of secrets', the witnesses to life, love and death in a small community. "Island Nurses" 2016 is a memoir of over 30 years of caring for generations of residents in a remote, rural island community.

Great Barrier Island herbal tonics
Winters on the island could be harsh, and native herbs were a part of his whanau’s daily life
.  20 years on and Tama now makes a liviinng from these herbal concoctions.

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